When life gives you lemons, drink those cute little guys!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

I drink a lot of lemon water and so we checked out more of the facts to share. When we are backstage at events we drink a LOT of water. The Jelly Bellies and the sweet stuff really call our names when it's 3pm and we've been there since 6am but we're telling ya - WATER is the way to go. And here's the thing. It's NOT THAT HARD. A lot of changes for your health are tricky and "hard". Easy to put off or make excuses about. This is one super easy, just admit it, stop the whining and drink the stuff.

This is what I have noticed:

I have WAY more energy. Drinking about 3 litres of water throughout the day (I weigh 145 lbs and that seems like it's about the right number for me) - makes a huge difference. I really notice the difference and miss it when I slack. It's better than coffee and way better than sugar. I feel less "foggy" in my mind. You now what I mean, right? I'm not a doctor, so don't know the facts behind it, but it really does. My body feels good. I feel healthier. Not bloated or slow, like I do when I forget the water, skip the greens and eat the junk. I sleep better. Because my body has been getting what it needs, it's less stressed to keep up and can rest much easier (I am assuming). My skin looks awesome. Since your skin is your biggest organ and your body is more than half water, that makes sense. My lips aren't as chapped. So chapstick is a thing for me. My mom is always on my case about using it too much. I find I use less when I drink enough water, same reason as above.

"I have WAY more energy".

Some ideas for you: I use a 1.5L bottle that I refill throughout the day. That way I only have to remember to drink "2" bottles worth instead of tracking ounces. Not gonna happen, so that's my main trick. Personally I use a Fiji Water bottle because they're pretty and recyclable so it's not a huge issue if I lose one. At events Desiree and I number our "refill" bottles backstage so we can make sure we get enough. Like this!

I add fresh lemon to my water a lot. Apparently it can make your water more alkaline, gives your immune system a boost and helps detoxify your body. What I do is freeze fresh lemon juice into ice cube trays so they're easy to grab on the go. Barbie Quinn is a dancer, now also business girl, who has a lot to say. Life is better together. And in the sun. More of her stories here: www.barbiequinn.com. Runs Wharton Event Management with her mom, sister and most unreal team ever. Events where dancers feel like they belong.


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